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Fiverr gave me my 15mins of fame

2 days ago I saw my gig got Featured on Illustration category.
Of course I was happy, but after 15 minutes I revisited the page and the pinky Featured badge was gone!? Kinda W.T.F to me.

I contacted CS and they told me my gig didn’t featured, that’s weird.

Maybe there’s bug? Any seller who got their gig featured, will you get any notifies like email or inbox message?

No big deal.

Just sharing.

I guess you changed the name after that? I don’t know what happened, but your new gig name seems like it would cause you some SEO trouble. I’m not sure a lot of people are searching for such long movie-magic-words. :slight_smile:

never mind, it just for fun. I changed back to normal title today.

Speaking of gig fame, of my gigs was mentioned in a news article once in a positive way.