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Fiverr Getting Buggy Again


I dont know what happened to Fiverr. My Client cancel the order and give me negative feedback, now fiverr is keep saying me RATE NOW… LOL. =))

How I can rate it,… :-w

Fix it guys :smiley:

this is not bug

cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time! it is your fault :))

Reply to @mcromano: thanks i havent experience this bug

my 2 year story 182 order cancel complete

not received any “cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time!” negative feedbak

i cant deliver my order within time no question ask cancel order and refund buyer

I agree, then why its saying me that RATE NOW… for what?

no bug…fiverr is telling you it is your turn to rate the buyer.

Reply to @pubudurox: It’s a bug because there is no rating window on the cancellation. There is no action you can take except stare at the last words of the buyer

I’m having the same issue. Buyer cancelled the order because I “didn’t respond in 20 hrs”, and now his thing is stuck in my TO DO list.

Now, this wouldn’t be an issue…but there is NO rating window or any other action window you can use on the gig.

It’s clogging up my stuff :confused:

@steveeyes ok agree… but what I have to rate… LOL… there is nothing in it. Remember whenever order cancelled for the late then it will be automatically posted a negative response (user have both option, post a negative response or just leave it and cancel it). Ok when its done then seller cant rate anything… :D/

@mcromano here is a screenshot 8-}

There are a lot of “odd” things occurring. I have orders in my To Do list from a month ago that have been accepted, rated, and cleared…yet they still show as “undelivered”. I’ve had a ticket in for over 30 days…and nothing has happened. See attached.

I also have a laptop in my bedroom and a laptop in my living room…and each one has a completely different landing page.

For example, the old landing page with 4 gigs across the top is on one laptop, and the other has THREE gigs with a brand new sidebar menu with new search options (Level 1 seller, TRS, sellers with portfolios, etc). I am using the same Google chrome browser and have cleared both caches of both laptops. And still, I have TWO different menus on two laptops that are only feet apart and on the same wireless connection.


Hahahahahha… that’s cool… I knew it that landing pages is different. They give us a platform for income but on every 1 gig they got $1 and if we cancel the order still they got $1. LOL… As they said that you got full refund, that’s mean $4 which were you paying to seller.

Reply to @lahorimela: Wow! In all my time on this site, I NEVER knew that. Thanks for the tip!