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Fiverr Getting Upgraded Everyday

I think with all the upgrade Fiverr is going through, all order marked complete by the buyer and reviewed. The money should be available instantly, there should no pending balance again. What do you think?


Totally agree with it. if buyer marked order as completed and reviewed means that they are ok with the delivery. so the transaction is done. not even 1 or 2 days, fiverr hold the amount for 2 weeks. :disappointed_relieved:


Some services need more time to see if there are any problems. So it is reasonable to hold payments two weeks.


I totally agree with you. :slight_smile:

Fiverr will not change that.

me agree too…fiverr should be upgraded!!!

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I don’t think it matters much. I signed up for Fiverr knowing clearance was 14 days and I accepted it voluntarily. If they made it shorter I wouldn’t mind unless it broke something else in the process.

Sometimes the longer clearance helps me. If I could withdraw instantly on a $15 order I would lose $1 to PayPal if I did it. Usually a week or two gives me time to stack up funds so I only pay that $1 occasionally. As long as I keep getting my funds as I do now, I’m fine with it.


well, There are many reasons, that fiverr will not change pending clearance system time.

There are many sellers who provide physical product service and for this purpose the clearance is after 14 days