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Fiverr Gig and Profile Improvement

Hello fiverr family, I hope you are fine and doing well. I am hafiznjd and working with fiverr. My fiverr gig is very good ranking and get order day by day. According to my opinion and research your gig is not only a gig, it is a brand offering to others, so please polish and maintain your gig according to market situations or according to client requirements. If have any little time, go to other related gig and compare with yourself.

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Hi Hafiznjd,

Glad to hear you are having success.

You are absolutely right that you should not treat your gig as a gig, but treat your profile as a Business.

Advertise it!

Brand it!

And most importantly always over deliver, provide amazing quality, and over exceed your customers expectations!

This will keep your customers coming back more and more!

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