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Fiverr Gig cover Image

Would anyonr like to tell me about the Gig cover image?

what kind images should i use for the gig.?

Ideally, a cover should be something representative for all the samples submitted in a Gig. :slight_smile:

I’ve just used a larger version of my profile pic, for instance on my “hollywood” gig. I think it gives somewhat of a “this dude is a brand” image. I tend to like more personal looking gigs. I really think your profile pic would look good there. It would give the whole page a “This is me working, this is what I do” feel. Which feels more trustworthy than a bunch of “work examples” I figure those are already in your live portfolio.

Reply to @liquidlettuce:
Looks like your cover image hasn’t been checked and approved yet as it’s not visible.

Reply to @mgjohn78: Thanks for the heads-up. I had no idea. I made it as soon as they let us (Like a year ago?) It shows when i preview the page, but not for you. Hmm. Never got a notice, interesting. Seems like I’ve been seeing lots of glitches lately. I was one of those who had my response rate start dropping before my eyes for no reason too. CS fixed that, looks like another Support Request is due. Thanks again.

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thanks for the advice Really Like It (Y)
CAn you tell me something?
Can i use Just one Pic for all My gigs?