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Fiverr gig creation tips

Hello There!.
I am a new seller on Fiverr. I was wondering what I should keep in mind before creating my gigs. A few tips could be highly benificial.
Best Regards.


You can check the following link:

Try to make GIGs on your desired service or your expertise area. Send atleast 10 buyer request daily.
Promote your GIGs on different social media. I hope you will get success very quickly.
Best Regards!


Thanks a lot for your helpful post. @adbarman

Go ahead bro, wish you good luck.

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go ahead brother:heart_eyes:

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Try to create several gigs at once, and then experiment and see which one is more popular. Remove ones that have no or few views/impressions, and create new ones - keep optimising but no need to overdo it. Avoid sitting around and just waiting to receive an order - go out there and spread the word out. Facebook group for Fiverr promotion is a good place to start and for free. Best of luck :grinning:

P.S. most of all - be patient and your 1st order will eventually arrive!