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Fiverr Gig de ranked for over 6 months now

Hello fellow freelancers and Fiverr staff,

It’s been over 6 months now that I got all my gigs deranged from the first page down to the last. I’ve contacted support about this severally and they keep claiming it’s gig reshuffling and that’s totally not true. All my gigs (2) in different categories (1 on the first page and another on about 6 or 7th page) left down to the last pages.

This isn’t gig reshuffling or anything Fiverr claims it is because even newly created gigs go straight to the last page after about 3 days after creation. My stats are red and orders are like 1 or 2 in 2 months from repeated buyers, not new contacts.

I really think Fiverr should either find a fix for this or be honest with us and tell us what exactly is going on?

Here’s the link to my account need your help.

Thank you so much

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