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Fiverr Gig Denial

I created my gig but after a day Fiverr denied my gig. Why does Fiverr denied gig and how can I active my denied gig?

Hi there @aamir192, Have you copied images from Google? Have you followed Fiverrs Rules? Fiverr wouldn’t deny a gig if it was created according to their ToS, So apparently you’ve created a gig using google images, or somebodies work. Or you simply did not read the ToS. I recommend to read it until you get it. Dang I sound like an old fart right now…muahahaha :rofl: Good luck!!

Warmly Humberto

They usually do it when the service isn’t allowed or the gig breaks other rules (plagiarism, for example).

When your gig was denied, you should have received a message stating why. Sometimes the messages are vague, so if you post a screenshot of the message and tell us what you were selling, we might be able to help.

If it was denied by mistake, by proving to Customer Support that you didn’t break any rules (there’s no guarantee that they’ll activate it again, though).

If your gig was against the rules, you can’t.

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