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Fiverr Gig Denied - Cross-post from "The Ranting Pot"

Last night I had somebody inquire about a specific Gig that I have available and asked if a version of that script using a specific company’s API was available. I spend 30 minutes developing what they wanted, created the Gig and sold it to the person.

I wake up to receive this e-mail "This Gig has been removed due to being flagged as spam, misleading users or illegal."

Spam: This is not spam in any way, I am selling a legitimate script that I wrote. This script differs from the existing one I have listed, so I it is in no way spam.

Misleading Users: This script does everything that I said it would in the description.

Illegal: There is nothing illegal, it is a function that leverages an existing company’s API to send an SMS message. The company’s API is not copyrighted and is available for free and open use.

Can a moderator PLEASE either A) contact me or B) re-instate my Gig

There is absolutely no reason why this should have been denied. Please consider this and take appropriate action.

There should be a feature where we can continue a dialogue with the moderator who denied the Gig. Because of this, I lost a Gig in which I worked hard to complete and have no idea how to even get in touch with a moderator. The Support System does not let me choose a valid category so it will probably go unnoticed, and that Gig was my second sale.

Moderator, PLEASE contact me by e-mail or re-instate my Gig.

Thank you,

Kevin - See more at:

Thank you kjblynx, I just did not know which forum had more “exposure” per se. I’ll take it into consideration and attempt to remove my other post.

Reply to @kjblynx: I’ve already done this, thank you for your forewarning.

I am also facing similar circumstances. Can you share what happened to your denied gigs?