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Fiver have denied my Gig just coz of single mistake … plz help me how to get back my gig this is five star gig and i cant edit it … but i can not delete that gig coz 5 star rated Gig …

What kind of mistake?

i made logo i think that was available on internet too so fiver said due to image gig has been denied…

So you copied someone else’s logo?
That’s a very small chance that you will design something very identical to others logo :woman_shrugging:

You can not restore that gig. You only have option to delete it and create a new gig without stolen images but with your original work (and no clip art from internet too! Even for just a prat of a logo)

All your reviews will still stay in your account

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Could you please contact support team, and make sure you will make your own logo.
They will allow you to edit or update the denied gig.