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Fiverr gig deranked after completion of the order

Hi everyone!!
I suddenly got deranked after completion of a big order. Before i was ranking on first page but now went directly on third page.

I received an order of 70$ and delivered it within a day with a 5 start review.

Have anyone faced a similar problem before?
Please suggest a solution to this issue.

Thanks in advance,


Check this out:


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It’s waste of time and money… miracles do not happen :laughing: :laughing:

Do NOT post your Gig link or try to SELL your own services in the forums.

The ONLY place you can post your Gig in the forum is in the “My Fiverr Gigs” and “Improve My Gig” categories.

Not cool at all.


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@mswang123 next link of your gig you post, will get you suspended.

This is your last warning.