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Fiverr Gig deranked for over 6 months now

Hello fellow freelancers and fiverr staffs (if you’re seeing this), Hope you’re at home and safe?

Its been over 6 months now that I got all my gigs deranged from the first page down to the last. Ive contacted support about this severally and they keep claiming its gig reshuffling and that’s totally not true. All my gigs (2) in different categories (1 on the first page and another on about 6 or 7th page) left down to the last pages.

This isn’t gig reshuffling or anything fiverr claims it is because even newly created gigs goes straight to the last page after about 3 days after creation. My stats are red and orders are like 1 or 2 in 2 months from repeated buyers not new contacts.

If fiverr wants me out of their platform, they can just disable my account rather than placing it on a shadow ban (which they refuse to admit they have anything like that )but I can bet you that this is an issue Ive even noticed on different freelancers account from past topics here on the forum concerning gig dranking. I tried to search for their gigs and same issue, all on the last page.

I really think fiverr should either find a fix for this or be honest with us and tell us what exactly is going on?

Ps. Wash your hands guys


It’s normal for gigs to reshuffle. Gig deranking is normal. We can’t tell you what fiverrs algorithim for choosing which gigs go towards the top is, nobody really knows.


why is it when I contact fiverr’s support, they dont accept the deranking and they keep telling me everything is okay. This isnt just an issue of gig deranking because it affects the entire account. Newly created gigs also get deranked immediately so my account is completely useless on the platform

You only have one active gig. Did you do this since posting?

This issue has affected me for over 6 months now, I got frustrated and deleted all other gigs

That was probably a bad idea. Now you have less gigs to be seen in the search results.

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what result?
last page. who checks the last page of the search?

This is happening to me too. I believe it’s how your gig performs that positioned you in a favorable place where a potential customer can see you. Either as recommended gig under another high ranked sellers gig or top of the search result. In my own case, I got an order that was canceled based on mutual agreement and my gig vanished.

Why are you expecting the Fiverr search system to be the source of all of your orders? If the system doesn’t place your gig where you want it to be, then it might be wise to take responsibility for your own success, reach out to your target customers, and do your own marketing and promotion – just like any business has to do. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make sure you have orders. You are a freelancer, that’s part of YOUR job.

The only person who can make you successful, is you.


Same happened to me, Sent to last possible search result from first page, like… I dont know. No point of discussing about that. Nothing you can do. just make another living. Good luck

Yeah Thanks @h_dexter1
I’m seeing comments on people telling me its not fiverrs responsibility to make sure I have orders but yet they get 20% cut from my money so I should source from my own clients and still give fiverr a whole 20%?

I guess Ill take your advice, Ill probably close my account and get a different source of income

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They wouldn’t understand because they’ve not been deranked

I suspect strong discrimination against sellers of certain nationalities. You are not alone in this and the deranking is not as a result of poor performance. How do you explain that about 3 sellers in my niche that appear to be favored by fiverr have their 3-4 gigs in the top page while others are totally pushed out of the search engine. I am sure its a deliberate act and the earlier fiverr comes out open on their preferred seller nationalities the better.

No, it isn’t. Fiverr is merely a platform where freelancers can host their services. They have even stated, specifically, that they do not guarantee sales to anyone just because a seller has gigs here. Fiverr does not exist to make sure you have orders. Fiverr exists to bring businesses to the platform, and provide those businesses with a collection of freelancers who might be able to solve their business or project needs. There are no guarantees here. There is no promised success. Fiverr leaves the sales and success to each freelancer to achieve. Those who treat their gigs like businesses, are usually the sellers who see the most long-terms success here.

You don’t think Fiverr is entitled to a 20% cut of all transactions made on their site?


No it isn’t at all, Zachary.

This is a marketplace. No marketplace is responsible for making sure you have orders because that’s not how marketplaces work. Fiverr would have to force buyers to buy things in order to do this because there are more sellers than buyers. Do you think Fiverr should force people to buy things from sellers to make sure those sellers get sales and buy products from sellers that they don’t want? Because that’s what you’re saying. Would you tell a farmer’s market that they must make sure that people buy from the fish counter? Would you force a patron to buy fish? Because that’s the only way what you’re saying could work. And what if there aren’t enough patrons in the marketplace to even buy the fish? Do you get people to come off the street and then force them to buy fish?

If sellers want business, they shouldn’t be selling superfluous gigs and should instead sell things that buyers actually need and want. If sellers aren’t doing that, that isn’t Fiverr’s problem. No one is entitled to get sales, especially if there isn’t even a demand. You can’t be mad at Fiverr for being a needle in a haystack because you’ve made yourself a needle in a haystack.

The 20% cut is NOT for giving you sales. It’s for using the platform and for being protected.


This is why I never bother posting comments on anything like forums, YouTube, Facebook etc…context is lost over text based communications.

Support contacted me anyways, the numbers the site shows are wrong.

I’m done here.

@humanissocial @jonbaas Thanks for your input but I think you’re talking about the wrong thing here, this post is not to argue if fiverr is responsible for me getting orders or their 20% cut.

The point is, fiverr is deranking some certain sellers gigs and they have refused to accept that they do, they keep denying that there is no such deranking. Over 7 months now. All my stats are red. My account is top rated seller eligible and I used to be on page 1 of the search.

The deranking is not based on performance as many other sellers like me has experienced it even when we were doing perfectly well.

Don’t worry ! Everything will be fine again, just focus on delivering quality work rather then deleting your gigs. Delivering quality work with honesty will increase your gig, this is how the fiverr algorithm work. Just focus on it. <3

What do I deliver when Im on the last page and no is seeing my gig

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There is no such thing as rank in the Fiverr search results, therefore, there is no such thing as “deranking”. Your gig location will fluctuate in the results – automatically – based upon success and competition. Fiverr is not intentionally doing anything to hurt you or your success. No seller is entitled to have their gig show up in a prominent place, just because they want that visibility. Everyone is competing equally within the marketplace. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. That’s just how the algorithm works.