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Fiverr gig Deranked

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all are having a wonderful selling experience here.
So i am a new seller and created my account about 4 months ago.
Now finally i was getting good amount of orders and i was ranked first on the page with my main gig.
I usually had 2-3 orders in queue.That was all before 24.
So on 24 August,My gig was ranked at the first page and getting almost good amount of impressions per day.
I had around 5 orders in queue on 24 aug and got 4 more smaller orders as well.
So it total got upto 9 orders in queue.
I know fiverr takes your gig of off the search if you have too many orders in queue.
But i heard it comes again on search after you deliver them.
But here comes 28 august and my gigs are showing on the second last page even though i have only 1 order in queue now.
I saw gigs that have no ratings or very very bad ratings rank above me,while i have top reviews from top buyers.
Is this a bug that many people are facing or should i write to customer support about it?
Thank you in advance.
Your reply means a lot,
Umar :slight_smile:


Hey umar! Did you change your tags/description? since this could cause fiverr to place your gig in other searches and show less on the actual category.

Hello Abhsekneipane!

Thank you for replying.
No i didn’t change anything,see this is the most frustrating part,and have delivered all the orders except i have now just 2 orders in queue.
My gig was on the first page first 2 lines for past 2 monts since i created it,Nothing change the reviews and orders are consistent and then bam they slammed it into the second last page.
Anyone any advice on what should i do?
Or your own experience?

Hm, i changed one of my gigs’ descriptions and saw that my gig went down to the 3rd or 4th page and when i changed my description to the relevant search it ranked on the first page. This is why i asked if you changed your description or tags. Can you provide me your gig so that i can look at it?


here you can take a peak.
Nothing changed

You do have a nice description and video for your gig, can you tell me what keywords you searched that used to show your gig on the first page?

they are the same that i used to rank them on the first page but now i dont know if its a bug or what

its not like im not active,
I am getting all the orders and now bam all silent.
Hope someone can share their experience and possibly guide me through

By the way, did you get any TOS(terms of service) violation? Because this could demote your level

No I am a new seller.
I got a tos a month ago but after that tos i got like all my orders and my profile went up.
Dont know whats the case

Hm you should contact fiverr and tell them your problem :slight_smile:

sure thing will do this,

hope more people share their experience

Hey Umar, maybe your gig got deranked because there are more people doing the similar things your doing or that there is a lot of competition. I dont know but this could be a reason since editing is popular. :slight_smile: I’m new to fiverr as well so that’s why I couldn’t exactly answer your question but hope this helps :smiley:

I dont think so that is the case.
My gig niche only had around 6 pages here on fiverr and just 4 days ago i was ranked at first page first row,was getting 2-3 order requests per day.Had too many orders in queue which is around 9 so they temporarily remove your gig if you are a new seller but when it appears back.
its in the last page

Hm I think this could be a temporary thing, how long has it been on the last page?

i think since 24 aug

btw thank you for your time Abhi!
It means a lot that someone is replying

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Same thing happen with me Can you tell me that have you completed level 1 requirements after 15 August?

yes a few days after 15 august but will be evaluated and promoted now on 15 september.
Did your impressions and ranking falls as well?
When did it happen?
Did you too had many orders?
Is it recovering a bit?

YES, Day by day impression clicks going down speedly. Now they near to zero. I have get good sale this month but suddently all gigs drop after I complete my level 2 requirements. After 15 August.