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Fiverr Gig Dimensions?

hello guys anyone now what is the correct dimension size’s of the gig’s to cover these grey area’s

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Correct Dimension

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The grey area on the gig page seems to be 710x411 pixels (1.727:1)
The images in the search page seem to get scaled to 270x162 for display (1.666:1)
On the profile page it seems to show them at 230x142 (1.6197:1)

If the aspect ratio is roughly one of those it should cover it approx I think.

edit: So to cover it fully try an aspect ratio of 1.727:1 - with high enough res) but that won’t be the optimum aspect ratio for the other pages.

edit2: See this page

Use the right image proportions. Don’t stretch, rotate, or use images that are too small. The recommended image size is at least 690 x 426px.

So there there they mention 690x426 (1.6197:1, like on the profile page, but which won’t cover the gig image grey area completely)


thank you so much:grinning:

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