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Fiverr gig down in rank after pausing for 2 weeks

Hi. Hope everyone reading this will be fine…

I am a level 1 seller with 50 positive ratings and 80 complete orders… With 4.9 rating and 100%…complition and other rates… I was recieving orders on daily bases

I paused my gigs for 2 weeks because of my exams but now its been 7 days but i did not receive a single message from any buyer… Can anyone suggest me how to fix it… My gig was on first page but no its on

Can any one tell me how to fix.? I am really worried about it. It while expressions and views are still gone…


I can tell you how to fix that!

You can’t. That’s normal.

If you go out of business, it’s like pausing your gigs, so they will be removed from the search. You need to work your way back up to get your rank and orders back.

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Thanks for you reply

I also got 2 orders and complete them and get 1 5 star rating… The 2 orders were from my old buyers… But still my gig is showing on 6 page…

Also the expressions are gone so i cant see that my gig is rising day ny day or not…

Well if your gig was on page 7 before and is now on page 6, that’s an improvement already.

And nobody can see the impressions, they all show N/A for probably more than a month by now. So I guess you will have no choice but to check what page your gig is on. Though that’s not reliable since Fiverr keeps shuffling every now and then so that e.g. only new sellers are shown on the first pages.

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Yeah… All rankings are just mixed.

Like before pausing gig. On start of the month o reveice 2 to 3 orders a day… Hur after 15 days no order till the end of the month

That probably has more to do with the fact that you went out of business for 2 weeks than the shuffling of gigs in the search. Just use the time you have now to relax or do some Fiverr tests and everything is going to be fine at some point.

I Hope everything will be fine.

Complete 1-2 order then automatically your gig will be ranked.