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Fiverr Gig Edit Or Add New One In Same Category

I have one 5 star rating in my gig of logo design category. Will there be any problem if I edit it now?
Or can I open another gig in the same category?

If you need to edit your gig, then edit your gig.

Most of the people said that if i edit my rated gig, it’s lost ranking position. So i’m confused. What can i do know.
Edit this gig or add a new gig in same category.

If you need to edit your gig, then edit your gig. Not doing something, merely because you’re afraid of something that might not even happen, is a step toward failure. Do what you need to do, and stop listing to what “most of the people” keep telling you. Take responsibility for your own success. Take the steps necessary to build a better gig.


Yes you can edit gig. But don’t edit too often. And you can create another gig too

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Thanks a lot. Your words have given me courage.

You can edit gig if need. But careful about blow points.

  1. You can edit title and tags.
  2. You may edit few parts of description. Sometimes by this edit may loos few ranking if delete keywords.
  3. If you edit most of the parts of description, then your gig may go out of search result.

you can open new gig under same category. But must be different service.

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