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Fiverr Gig Edit Update: New Gig description section and Extra type


Today when I edited my current logo design gig, I found a new section in the page where I can choose “type”, “style”, “file format” and “also delivering”. I’ve checked out some other categories (e.g. photography, animation, illustration) and they also have similar updates. Just curious how this update will affect our gig exposure. Should we be very specific so we can attract good customers, or shall we let it be to attract a broader spectrum of buyers? Still, it seems not much info is out there and not all categories have received this update. The actual mechanism is not known yet. Maybe we should stay tuned and wait.


In my personal opinion, it is better if updates are done specifically as possible. Because then it will be really easy for the customers to find what exactly they need and also cause us to get more orders. If we try not be specific as you mentioned in order to attract a broader spectrum, it will only increase the page visits, not sales. Because no one will order a gig unless that is what they are exactly looking for.


Hello there does editing a gig affect how you get jobs or like can the gig get canceled if i edit the prices