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Hi, I’m New seller in Please advised me how to Work? This Side Thanks



To get advice on how to work on Fiverr, you can search the forum for relevant tips on getting orders, gig promotion, etiquette, and so much more. You can also take a Fiverr Learn course.

Best of wishes!


Thank Your for your advised

Dear @graphicsd7568,

Keep in your mind one thing, that the good searching keywords (The words buyers or anyone type to search a GIG or Service) may help you for getting a Good Ranking of your GIG.

So, try to explore the keywords and add them to your GIG.

Hope that may help you.

Thank you.

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I am a new seller too
Same question?

You’re using a recolor of a trademarked character as a sample of your work. That is grounds for an account warning and makes me doubt all your work. I would highly recommend reading the Terms of Service that you’ve agreed to.


First thing, your English is not good. Fix it as soon as possible, because without good English you can understand properly what your client needs and without good communication you can’t make a good deal or convince your client to give you the work. Second thing is the quality you need to deliver professional quality work and then you will get more sales and clients. Make a good portfolio. (English is the most important thing when you do freelance).


Your profile bio is “profetional creative grpihcs designer”. Then you wonder why you don’t get orders. I mean…


Thank you for your suggestion i will try it warm geratds

I’m new for online marketplace please suggest how to do thanks

You need to learn english. There’s no way to help you otherwise.

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You have to put way more work into your gig. Right now I can guarantee you wouldn’t get any orders.
Apart from everyone pointed out:
Everything is quite bad starting from your gig title “I will do your personal expert graphic designer”. Totally incorrect and no one will be looking for that.
Your images also a very bad quality work. I’m not sure why inserted there Disney character that trademarked and on top of that it doesn’t fit into the whole picture at all. I’m not even sure what are you trying to showcase on those pictures. You are definitely lacking even basic principles of design so it’s worth investing in your education, there are a lot of free courses in the internet.

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