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Fiverr Gig Image (error message)

I can not upload my gig images. It’s show error messages. Please help me,how can I fix it?

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Make sure your gig image is 550 px width and 370 px height also try to rename the image. Hope it will be fixed.

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I try it but it’s does not work. I can’t fix it. please help me out.


  1. Open Adobe PS
  2. Create a document 55003700 pixel (Ration Size 550370)
  3. 5500*3700 pixel high quality image. Design will be uploaded
  4. Save your Document name
    I think, it is enough information for solving this problem.

Best Regards

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wide 5500
height 3700

Hope this thread resolves it. Keep it less than 5Mb and avoid using images directly from internet.

Thanks a lot for reply! Problems fixes!!

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@delographics Thanks a lot for reply! Problems fixes!!