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Fiverr Gig Image to Build Your Gig Gallery

6 Things to Consider While Creating Fiver Gig Images in 2021

  1. Use the Best Fiverr Gig Image Size
    Before designing an image for your Fiverr gig, make sure you are using the right size for it. Don’t go for too large or too small images.

The minimum size for a Fiverr gig image in 2020 is 550 pixels by 370 pixels. This means that the minimum width should be 550 pixels and the minimum height should be 370 pixels.

  1. Don’t Overuse Text
    It’s not a good idea to add a lot of text to your image. Remember, less is more. Keep your text simple and precise. Use the right fonts to increase readability. It’s best to use San Serif fonts for gig images. Besides that, avoid unprofessional colors in the images. Select a professional color theme and design your gig images around that theme.

  2. Don’t Copy Other Seller’s Gig Images
    Never steal or copy someone else’s gig image and use it as your own. This is against the rules of Fiverr and you may get blocked for doing this. Besides that, it also affects your [Fiverr gig rankings. Always create your own images with high-resolution to get orders on your gig.

  3. Avoid Clickbait Images
    Clickbait is basically a false marketing practice where you mislead buyers to get clicks on your gig. Using clickbait gig images can lead to a permanently suspended Fiverr account or banned gig. So, avoid this practice because it will not generate long-term results if you are trying to establish a great portfolio on Fiverr

  4. No Irrelevant Images
    Your gig image should be in accordance with the service you are offering in the gig. Irrelevant gig images not only confuse buyers but also reduce your chances of generating sales.

  5. Don’t Use Badges in Gig Images
    No matter if you are a top-rated seller or a verified pro, Fiverr does not allow to display any kind of badge or certificate in your gig image. Avoid all types of badges while creating a Fiverr gig image. It is strictly against the TOCs of Fiverr.

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