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Fiverr Gig Image Update

Is there any problem will happen? If I update my gig’s picture, video or pdf?

Thanks in advance.


I glanced at your profile. You have no reviews anyway, so I don’t see problems editing your gig to be better.

Granted, you’ve provided zero context to what you think might be problems, so it’s an impossible question to answer with any degree of confidence.


I just want to change my one of gig’s front image cause it isn’t looking attractive.
so can I?


Yes you can edit your gig image.


Thank You so much. :innocent: :innocent:

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If all you’re changing is the font, then that might not be worth it.

Have you read this yet?


No, I am reading this.

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Any way thank you so much <3


Yes, you can change your gig image if you don’t have any review.


i think u can if you don’t have any review.


You can change your gig image and SEO your gig image :upside_down_face:


As long as you are not getting any orders and your impressions are not going up constantly feel free to make any changes to experiment new strategies but don’t do too many frequent changes because each time you change your gig it resets your gig ranking(doesn’t really cancels the negative scores due to any violations) but it resets the other variables. So be sure to make all the changes once and then keep an eye on the impressions and clicks for a minimum of two weeks time period. If they are going up let them be if not then experiment again with your gig.
Hope this helps


Sometimes it may help for gig rank and sometimes it may decrease gig rank. If your gig is not a rank then you can try to change it.

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Yes, you can change your gig image if you don’t have any review. go ahead bro

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Obviously You can, keep it in mind that you should not delte the image which is already have a review
and make sure make attractive image for looking good and more attract to buyers at first sight

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Good Luck sara. Every body like it

best wishes for you :slight_smile:

the gig image I want to change has 1.5K Impression & 11 click in last 6 month.

is it a okay situation?