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Hi, I am a new seller. I need some advice to grow up my gig properly. In two days, I got 200+ impressions but no clicks and order. How to first rank up my gig? please help me!!


For starters, Fiverr is NOT Google.

So “ranking” is a myth.

What you need to do is ensure you are using the correct keywords so when a Buyer does a search, your Gigs will appear somewhere in that search.

Fiverr does not automatically give you work, you have to work to get it.

I hope this helps.


if this “somewhere” is around 10th page any correct keywords won’t help. So ranking is not a myth. Sure thing the ranking depends on multiple factors. And I bet a perfect gig description is not a main one. My own experience says the main ranking factor is your sales. The only one good order can boost your gig on 1st page. And can back you to 10th page if you had no orders for a long time. This happened to my gig, with the same keywords, description, etc.

Impressions means : How many times your gigs shown on people browser. IF you choose wrong tag, then this impressions number is useless.

High impressions with correct tag, low click means: your gig thumbnail didn’t attractive thus failed to attract customer to click your gigs.
WHAT TO DO : Change and improve your gigs thumbnail.

I just check your gigs.
It seems that your doesn’t understand any graphic psychology at all.
CARTOON themes for this kind of service? Lol
No wonder people didn’t bother to check your gigs.

Try and learn from any source about color psychology.
What kind of graphic suitable for this kind of service.

Don’t just makes the gigs thumbnail based on your taste.
BUT make it based on your audience need.


Thanks for contributing

be patience like me and optimize your gig properly :grinning:

At a time, Gig marketing is the best way.:wink::heart_eyes:

If this is the case, then it is your Gig that needs improvement. If no one clicked on your Gig, this means that your Gig was not interesting enough to find out more.