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Fiverr gig improvement and cancellation of order

How to improve fiverr gig and get an order really quick and how much number of times a seller can cancel a order without getting his reputation decreased?

everytime you get an order cancelation, your order completion rate drops down and in order to move to the next level you need to have at least 90% order completion rate, so try to not to get any of your order cancelled, regarding improvement to get orders your best chance is to first look for keywords that people didn’t use to make gigs of and then use those keywords in your gig, example, there are thousand of gigs out there for logo but instead of just logo you can make it more specific like “Medical logo” then there would be a chance for you to get an order since no one else is focusing on that specific keyword, if you need other common tips you can visit a site called fiverr there is alot to read there.