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Fiverr gig is decreasing position

Hello everyone,
I am working on fiverr for last 1 months. I have a gig containing 12 five stars with no down rating. I was ranking on first page. But suddenly it started loosing its gig position and ended up 49 in second page. I have decorated my gig correctly and also done good SEO. Why this is happening and how can i get back to my first page position. Please suggest me.


So in this post you’re asking for help but on your next post (minutes later) you are giving advice. Either you found the answer to your questions or…I have no idea.


Yes cause the next minute i checked again and my gig ranked again. That means what i had suggested, that worked. I think you need to calm down right now cause you are running high a bit or… I have no idea man​:blush::blush: . No issues. Be happy in life. Be a good person, be safe. Much love my man

I was perfectly calm when writing my reply and still am. This is an open forum so I was simply pointing something out.

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If you are happy then i am ok with it​:grin::grin::grin: be safe, be happy in life