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Fiverr GiG is denied

I have edited my gig a few days ago and included one tag, recently I have noticed that my gig is denied. but I couldn’t understand the reason properly, can you please explain what it means

Your Gig has been flagged due to a third party intellectual property violation



May be, You’ve made your gigs photo same as others gig image, and Directly copy paste the Description.

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I didn’t copy anything, if it’s for copy gig image or description, they will mention the reason with gig image link, but they said "third party intellectual property violation. I don’t know what it means.
but someone said that it can happen for using two categories in one gig like i am used to full website creation and clone website.
A few days ago, I edited the gig and added “clone website” tag on the title, I am not sure what’s the actual reason