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Fiverr GIG is not not showing in any category


Any one check this? now no gig showing in any category. maybe fiverr working on their site or maybe some high rating gig get back their ranking. but suddenly now again showing all GIG.


Hello, I am working on fiverr since long time and I was struggled too much to rank my gig up, But since last 3 weeks I am facing an issue that my gig is shoeing in just one search category (Superb whiteboard animation) not showing in multiple categories like (whiteboard animation, whiteboard animation video, Amazing whiteboard animation, professional whiteboard animation, etc) my gig was showing in these categories 3 weeks before. I have contact the customer center multiple times but they are saying that everything is fine in your gig. I can’t if everything is fine then why my gig is not showing in other categories too like showing 3 weeks before, I really worked hard to raise up my gig ranking. Please suggest me what should I do?



hello bro,
i also faced same problem. don’t worry .everything will be OK very soon. fiverr now tasting different type of gig searching and also gig ranking. so don’t worry . just think that it is your rest time. so relax and also try to improve your gig image, title and description. select most unique category for your gig. do social media post regularly. it will help your gig in future…



Thanks smartit69 for your great suggestions. Let’s hope for the best :slight_smile:


You got any solution of that? I just edited my gig and they stopped falling in their category :frowning: