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Fiverr gig lost suddenly from first page and found it on last page now!

I’m an almost new member on fiverr and from the very first I worked too hard to develop my profile and I got a good success rate in just a few month. I worked specially on Brochure, Flyer and Business proposal design area and had completed more than 50+ projects in last 3 months. From the very first my gig was developed very smoothly and I came to the first page on the search result of the keyword “Brochure design” “Catalog design” and “Business proposal” But I dont know what happen actually I saw my gig was suddenly lost its position from the search page and I found it on the last page of every mentioned category now. During the last 2 weeks Its still on the same position and in this time I have finished 2 big project successfully. (Total $800+) But I didnt find any success reflection on my gig till today.

Here is my gig

From the forum, many people suggest to make change on the tag / title and some of them advised to share the gig on social platform. I applied all of the method but didn’t got a good result.

Anyone can suggest to overcome this problem?

Shanaya M.


I’ll be as quick as possible.

If you are practically a new seller, and you was in the top of first page, understand that it only happened because fiverr ranking algorithm sorted your there.

I happens to give a chance to new and discrete gigs, to boost their sales.

Also, to be able to this thing happen, some other gig which was on top before you, lost their placement to give a chance to your gig. And now it’s happening with you. You give your placement to give a chance to other. Dont you think it’s fair?

There are 2 kind of gigs on top of ranking: One are the sellers who worked hard along many years at fiverr to achieve the best performance and they are at the top because they are the really best sellers. Other are the sellers who got a chance and were put there.

So be thankful for getting this chance to be on top and keep working hard to get back there because your performance, not because fiverr gave you a placement.

Once fiverr algorithm gives a chance to these new gigs, it doesn’t mean this placement will be permanently yours.

So raise your head and keep going.


I see you are new to Fiverr. Congratulations on the success you have had. :slight_smile:

Fiverr gives a boost to new sellers and it appears the time of your boost is over. :confused:

Also, many sellers have said their gigs have been moved to the last page. Maybe Fiverr’s algorithm has changed. :thinking:

As for me, I rarely check my page location. :wink:


Dear shanaya, i also facing same problem. i don’t know what is the reason. i asked fiverr team. couldn’t get the correct solution???

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Hi @its_shanaya

Have you had any cancellations recently?


We are same and facing the issue so it means our gigs will be on last page forever?
What we need to do?

Yes, xuntes I got you point and agreed what you said above.

But lets say, I saw other freelancers who have the same issues. Most of them are Level 2 seller and they have 500/600+ reviews and working over 2/3 years. They are also facing the same problem. My concern is yes, If my performance level got down and if the others are doing well my gig should not be on the same position but it should be go gradually not in just a 20/30 mins from first page to directly last page. If it works like, I saw today in 1st page, tomorrow in 2nd/3rd page, day after tomorrow in 5th/6th page that should be ok, because other people works better than me. But why its moved to directly last page?

It not looks a update to me.

vickiespencer I have replied to xuntes and I think I have explained already the issues. Thanks !!

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I’m not sure sangumyc, looking for a proper solutions. I also knocked Fiverr CS and they said to me that everything is fine. Nothing else :frowning:

No, I didnt cancel any order recently and also didnt receive any negative feedback maitasun

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I believe I already explained this in other post.
No! it wont be there forever. Placement isn’t permanent, like it works on first page it will work on the last page.

Or maybe contact fiverr support and claim them that giving a chance to gigs is a bad idea. Because it gives false hope for some sellers.
New sellers must keep in mind that like they had a chance, others will have chance too. Nobody is special, to suddenly get the best placement, and keep there forever.

But if you want to do something to get orders, start advertising your service for your potential buyers. It’s the same thing like outside world.

Or you can just keep waiting for something to come, which could never happen.


Dont you think it’s fair, if we compare that some gigs just suddenly come from last pages to the top of first pages?

This is the problem of people who complained about not getting a chance in the past. They overcrowded Customer Support by asking fiverr to place them in better placement, while they were doing nothing for this, just because they were new, but they don’t realize that being NEW SELLER is temporary, and this chance they got, it would be given to other seller, and other, and other, etc.

This is why it’s better EARNING a better placement at the ranking, due your good work, instead just being temporary gifted by fiverr, and then it being taken out.

Yes, it’s a pain not getting a chance, but it’s even worst getting a chance and then it being taken out.

You must chose a side. If you are happy for getting a chance and later give it to other seller, OR if you would prefer never getting a chance, but the placement you conquered would never being taken out (unless other gig performs better than you).


Somehow your performance has lowered and I think that’s why this is happening to your gigs. Also, you should take into account buyers are asked for a private feedback on sellers that is only for Fiverr’s eyes.

We both have the same time on Fiverr and I haven’t lost my ranking. In fact, one of my gigs still shows on 1st page of the recommended.

I never asked CS for any type of gig placement or complained about not getting a change. Neither I was shown on 1st page when I was a new seller.

Immediatly after I started to get orders and deliver on-time high-quality work, my proofreading gig ranked to 1st page and my translation gig went from page 10 to page 5 since it gets less orders (more croweded category).

So no, not all new sellers are in 1st page just for being given a chance to be shown. Absolutes are never good, not even truth is absote.


I think this may be it. :thinking:


I’m sorry but you, like me, or any other seller, we are not special. Those who got their places, they didn’t get it because they, in special, complained about getting a chance, but because MANY sellers were complaining about this.

Getting orders isn’t only based on the placement you have but it’s directly impacted by this.

Of course not all new seller can get to the 1st page. There are too many gigs for such a few places. Just because it doesn’t apply with you, it doesn’t mean it don’t work for others. By the way, if you analyze the complain about losing placements lately, by far the most part of these are new sellers, not veterans.

Gig performance isn’t only based on not cancel orders, and deliver on time and response time, etc. The most important performance stat is SALE with good ratings. Like it have ever been.

By the way when my stats were better, I was in the last page of best selling filter, then my stats went worst and I got back to the first page again. So no, it’s not absolute.

Also, most of this I’m mentioning, I already got this information form Fiverr Support team. It’s not invented. And they said that the algorithm work like this to give a chance to new and discrete gigs.

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I used to stress about gig placement as well. But honestly, it’s not worth worrying over. I got to Seller level 2, and have around 550 sales, all since November/December (in about 6 months).

I was on the front page for the first 2 months (under “British Female Voice Over”) , and now I can’t find my gig at all.

BUT… It really hasn’t affected my sales much at all. I still get dozens of orders per week, and it has barely affected my income at all. There is so much more than gig placement in determining how well you do. If you keep your scores up, provide a good service, are prompt and polite etc, you will still make orders from return clients, people recommending you, people finding you through social media, as well as Fiverr’s search system. And finally, your gig will move around. Sometimes it will be at the bottom, sometimes at the top - it all balances out. Something I DO recommend however is putting up a gig video if you haven’t already.


Ok, I got everything. Can anyone clear me one thing? My gig service was related to Business proposal and as it is it was in the first page too when you search using the keyword “Business proposal” and now its placement on the 8th page out of 9 (9th page only have few gigs, 6/7 maybe)

So now my position in 8th page and I have 41 ratings. If you see on search result you will find that the first page gig’s are doing well but from page 2 to till my gig (page 8) most of the gigs dont have any sales or ratings. So from that what should we assume? The no selling gig performance are better than me so they are showing before my one? xuntes maitasun

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No, the gigs with no sales are ratings are being moved ahead of yours so that those sellers have a chance to actually make sales.

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yes. i also facing same problem. i don’t know what to do