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Fiverr Gig Marketing 2018 Boost your fiverr gig sell 100%


Marketing through website ~~

Professional gig marketing requires a website. Because, through a website, everything can be easily displayed on your own. Which types of tasks you can do, the previous work experience, the previous client’s opinion, the work sample etc. can be beautifully presented through a website. Seeing all of these things, the client is encouraged to order gig.

To do GIG marketing through the website, first you have to create a website properly and secondly you have to come visit the website. Initially, getting a domain hosting is difficult if you can start with a free website, it is better to have something better than to sit in.

Your website should be like your CV. So that a client can easily know what you know and how skilled you are in your work. Create a WordPress website for this. If you want to make a free website, you can do it through the blogspot.

  1. Homepage

You have to decorate your home page very well. Share your home page in a few sections. Currently many free themes are available. Work on buying a professional theme. Keep your pictures, your service, your best gigs and a team for your work, in their different parts of the home page. The ability to get as much work done as you can on your home page will be created.

  1. Gig Page

Create a page for Fever Gig on the website. Add that page to the menu. Put all your Gig’s titles, Gig’s Prices, and Gig’s photo together on that page. If a visitor is actually giggte like his needs, please pick up the gig. Keep each gig’s title or gig photo linked to your fiver gig. So that the visitor can click on any gig order and go to the fiver gig page.

  1. Portfolio page

Create a page portfolio page for the website. Place those pages in the menu. Put all your good work pictures on the portfolio page. If you are a graphic designer, then keep a visiting card, flyer, logo etc. created by you.

If you are a web designer, then make your website image and keep it.

If you are a digital marketer, keep the screenshot, the landing page screenshot of your Facebook page, your cell’s screen shortcut etc.

That means, make the portfolio page so that your client can know about you. Think of you as a credible freelancer.


Great info – Fiverr condones blogspot in your gig description so it is idea to use for creating a website.

From Fiverr CS: The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:


@sayeedhossen018 This is spamming the forum and will get you into trouble with the moderators. Also shortened links are not allowed on the forum.


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