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Fiverr gig marketing but not order

everyone, I’ve been working on Fiverr for 3 month, and I have complete 18 order and 11 review but present 3-4 days not received any order yet, please take a look at my profile and my gigs and tell me if anything is wrong and give me your opinions.

My logo design gig link:


18 orders in just 3 months from starting is massive fortune.

And 3-4 days without order, some people here are months and even 4-6 months without order.


Thanks you, can you help me.any suggest

Your reviews are quite mixed. This could lead to fewer sales, since there are people with better reviews. Also, your gig ranking could have suffered from bad reviews. Have you checked analytics?


No, not really since you put in your portfolio logos from this website

You are faking it so the fact you got 18 buyers to fall for it it is amazing. And you are very smart not to use the images from other websites on Fiverr GIG, but you place them on your webpage aka landing page.

How can logo be unique if you have “YOUR SLOGAN HERE” in the image??


Yes sir, last one bad review, any suggest for nest order any way

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The fact you only got one bad review is mostly because other people where to kind and just wanted to be over with. Logos created and displayed in reviews are not logos done by someone who knows how to design logos professionally. You just started to do GD work so that is acceptable, but using logos from internet in your portfolio is…

I know “everybody” is doing it on Fiverr, and if you want to be one of “those” designer… good luck.

And just how many accounts do you have on Fiverr?


It looks like you changed account couple of times. All is listed on your facebook.

maam, this my new account. my old account lost lavel2. i all ready 500+ order complete , my gig all design my designermas

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Why did you start new account, and how?

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My main account designermas, designermas 2016 start but some problem for 4-5 account lost

My previce account lost. than new account start

And this is yours? Your work? it is all over internet.

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thanks your. nice design

If your old account had Level 2 and +500 orders you should know by now how to get orders.


but this this account

Hello @masdesignera
I go through your profile and I think the problem behind not getting any orders for a few days is because of your reviews, your review is below 4.7 stars maybe that was an issue.
BTW There are many sellers including me, came online every day and not getting any orders from last 2-3 months and some out there waiting for first order for more than 9-10 months.
So chill its only a few days for you without any orders.

Thank You :pray:

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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will do logo design any
In the basic package “HIgh Regulation” could be “High Resolution”

There’s a shortened link that goes to an unapproved URL

Try to lower the chance of lower ratings on future deliveries - maybe let them know you can have revise it if necessary when delivering?

Maybe the title could be changed (so it doesn’t have “any” at the end?).

Gig: I will do clear photos background remove,clipping path in 24 hours
In the gig description:
“I’ll response you as soon as possible” could be “I’ll respond as soon as possible”

Gig: I will do brand, business, company 3d logo design any
In the basic package “HIgh Regulation” could be “High Resolution”

Getting 18 orders in first 3 months and 11 reviews is good. Just keep doing what are you are doing.

You can do tweaks in your GIG.

  1. Check the competitors GIGs what they are doing, what is there cost, may be you are getting impressions and clicks but orders due to cost issue.

  2. If you are not getting clicks, but getting impressions then you need to work on your GIG image, make a attractive image.

  3. If you are not getting impressions then you need to fix your title, tags and description. Add your targeted keyword in your GIG 2 to 3 times.

May be this lil will help you get what you want.

Have a nice day!

Your Quotations are too big. You would low them. The customer prefers the lower cost services with quality work.

??? Are you trolling???

All starts with $5 which is not even important since entire portfolio has images from internet so skills are questionable.