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Hi I’m a new seller. I want to know about gig marketing in social site. For WordPress developer what type of tag you use,which social site is best for marketing and what is the best time of marketing in social site?
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Any time of social media marketing best dear. search google for best social site


You can use, Twitter, linkedin profile, facebook etc…



It is not true that you can get success from specific social media. Share your gig any social sites like fb,twitter etc. As many as you can.


Not a good idea. This sounds like you are advocating that sellers spam social media platforms in the hopes that someone MIGHT buy their gig. The truth be told, if you are not connected to your target customers on a social media platform, then it actually HURTS your gig to promote there. The only people who will purchase your services are your target customers. Go where those target customers are located. If they aren’t already connected to you on social media, then social media is NOT where you should be promoting that gig.


I don’t use any social media sites. I got my first clients through cold calling and now most of my projects come through referrals.

It really depends on who’s your target audience. For example, my clients aren’t usually very active in social media so there’s no point for me to waste time on it.

If you really want to use social media such as Facebook then become an active member in one of the groups where your target audience is. For example, friend of mine is a logo designer, he joined a bunch of local sports related groups. He didn’t spam his service, he just was an active member, talked about sports and at some point when people asked what he does for living or checked his profile, they started asking for logos.

Becoming an authority in social media takes time. There are much easier ways to sell your service.


Agreed, But I asking you just one question. Proper social media marketing can’t helps??


Like I said, social media marketing only works if you are already connected to your target customers. If your customers are not already your fans or followers, then posting your links on that social media platform isn’t likely to result in any sales.

Go where your customers are. This is the #1 rule of good marketing.


OK, please suggest me what is the best media or way to promote gigs that can increase sales?


Like I said… you need to connect to your target customers. Figure out who those customers are, do some research to figure out where those customers can be found, and then go to those places, and interact with those target customers. Tell them about what you do, and how what you do can help them solve their problems.

I am not going to do your marketing research for you. If you are serious about becoming a successful freelancer, then YOU are going to have to figure out how to effectively reach out to your unique customer market. Try some things. If those avenues don’t work out, then try some other ones. YOU are a the person offering your gigs, so YOU are going to need to do the research and work to figure out how to bring in sales.

I recommend that you get started. You have a lot of work to do!

Good luck.


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