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Fiverr Gig Marketing?

dear all, am level 1 seller on fiverr. but last week my all gig impressions,Views, Clicks all going down & no orders. i want to promote my gigs. i try using social media & buyer request. i want to know any tips? more than that?


Who are your customers, and where can they be found. Do some research to answer both of these questions, and you’ll have a better idea of where and how to market your gigs.


You are right man, I hope i will follow this trick also. Thank you :heart:

Thanks friend for your kind information

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thank you very much. i will try. thank you again. have a good day

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hi, did you know some tip about fiverr gig marketing ?

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Yes, I know many tips for marketing, but I am not going to deprive you of the opportunity to do your own business research in order to learn how to grow your own unique business. I am not here to provide a step-by-step manual for marketing.

Good luck as you develop your own strategies that work for YOUR business, and that work well to connect your target customers to the unique services that YOU offer.


Agreed with you @jonbaas

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Agreed with you @jonbaas

This is a 2 year old thread. If you “agree” with someone, it is better to just click the HEART icon on their post.

jonbaas is not able to reply to posts in the forum at this time anyways. I for one, hope he can come back after September!!!