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Fiverr Gig Not In Searches

Why Fiverr do not show gigs after page 21 when you search?

Looking forward to the answers.

Many Thanks!

Hey Ashher, your fiverr gig may not be active or that you didn’t add relevant keywords in your description and tags. Adding good keywords to your title,tags and description helps rank your fiverr gig.
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My gig was on the 1st page not it’s disappeared but it is active. Fiverr generally doesn’t load results beyond page 21 no matter what keyword you put in. Let me show you the screenshot of it:

But there are more pages like 23, 24, 25 … but no results after page 21 for each keyword.

You should contact Fiverr customer support

same problem here. i also didn’t find any gig after 21st page.

You may have not put good tags,descriptions or titles in your gig

It was fine 5-6 months ago. It would show results upto 100 pages as well.

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They don’t answer this issue. I don’t know why.

Just try contacting support, or try promoting your gig on social media to get more puchases!

The thing is when you type a keyword which has 15,000+ gigs that certainly cannot be covered in 21 pages. 5-6 months ago, it would show results even up to 100 pages. Do you have any idea why is this happening?

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You should contact support

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