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Fiverr gig Not promotable (Unqualified) and gig are down

I noticed suddenly my gigs are on the last page and I am not qualified for promotion.
My QUESTION IS- if our gig is already ranking then what is the point of promotion…
and if the gig is on the last page we are not allowed(unqualified) for promotion.
Can anyone explain what is the logic behind this. its really confusing.


I have a gig that’s non promotable, I think the reason for that is too many refunds, a few bad reviews, a few complaints, etc. It’s not my fault, it’s the nature of the gig.

I’m actually OK with no promoting that gig. That gig has given me nothing but trouble, it made me a lot of money when I was a Top Rated Seller, but it also caused me to get demoted from TRS. Now I rarely get orders from that gig. I’ve thought about deleting it, but I do a have a few clients that have ordered it many times, so I’m not sure if I should.

My advice to you is don’t worry about it. Promote that gig on your own, let Fiverr promote the other gigs.


Create a new gig for that, or just inform your clients you’re closing that gig.

I don’t believe it’s due to refunds or bad reviews. I have only 1 gig that’s not promotable, and in that case the only issue is that it doesn’t receive any orders. I didn’t refund anything there, no bad reviews or anything. So I assume the overall traffic is the reason. Otherwise, it’s passing the requirements to be promoted.


You can contact fiverr help and support

Fiverr support will give same answer everytime

" Everything is fine and gigs get rotated on daily basis and there is nothing they can do about that . Fiverr does not guarantee impression / clicks . Also if you are qualified for gig promotion , that does not mean it is permanent "

Several of us are facing this issue and there is no proper answer from support .


Last month they did this exact thing to me (and many other sellers). After 45 days or so everything was back to normal. Apparently, fiverr is rotating profiles instead of rotating particular gigs. To give exposure to other sellers, they push all your gigs to the last page and remove the option to promote the gigs. I still don’t get why they do this to all the gigs at once. I think they are testing something… :man_shrugging:


same problem bro…you can share your gig on social media

Your point is right. if any gig has already ranked then why need to promote this! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Did it get back to normal after 45 days automatically or did you do anything specifically ?

Automatically. In the first few weeks I tried multiple things, nothing helped.


The non-promotable gig has a 4.6 rating.

Seller communication level 4.8
Recommend to a friend 4.4
Service as described 4.6

It used to be my most lucrative gig, now it isn’t.

My other gigs have better ratings, very few refunds,

Book Titles is my favorite gig, and it’s promotable by Fiverr. Just today I got an order that Fiverr promoted.

Spending $0.4 to get a $20 order seems like a great deal to me.

My other gigs didn’t get orders, so I cancelled their promos. I’m going to focus on book titles for now.


I belive promoted gigs have to be 4.7 at least.


Im facing the same issue are your gigs now qualifed or in the first page? All my gig are gone from the first page to the last even sometimes I cant find them

I have similar experience.
I promoted two of my new gigs with Ads.
Several days ago I noticed, that my promoted gigs are down:
“Your Gigs cannot be promoted right now, we’ll notify you as soon as this changes.

Now let’s see one of my most popular gig’s performance in the last 3 days (the one I did’t promoted at all). However the situation is the same in case of all my gigs.

Fiverr support didn’t reply any useful feedback on this. But this strange effect is clearly a big hit for loyal Fiverr workers.


Not on the first page but I am qualified again (after 45 days). Ranking of gigs is a bit better now.

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Better for you! I was in the first page for 7 months and now my profile is disappeared hope will get it back soon

Did you make any changes to get it back?

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Any update on your current status?

My gig rating is a 4.9 and I can’t at the moment either. Trying to figure it out.

It’s not always related to the gig rating

Did you receive multiple low star reviews recently on that gig? DId you edit, stop the gig multiple times recently? Maybe you didn’t have any order recently? It’s hard to say, but I noticed these things can lead to the gig not being promotable. Only Fiverr knows the true answer.