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Fiverr gig Not promotable (Unqualified) and gig are down

That makes sense! I did previously change up my gig a lot, and it was promotable up until then.

I think you’re somewhat right. My gigs are back on first page after exact 90 days.

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no refunds, no bad reviews, and no complaints but my gigs and my rating is 4.8. I cant find the answer, why my gig not allow to promote. i did contact with customer support but it is useless as allows general and causal reply

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I wanted to give an update on this situation to the community.
After (exactly) 30 days the problem first appeared the situation finally gets better.
Two days ago I received a notification that my gigs are promotable (once again).
Today, one of my main gig’s visibility on the site improved a lot, like magic.
I didn’t do anything with my gigs, so I have no clue what have been changed. I contacted the support at the beginning of the month, but they couldn’t help.

I hope my story will help you!


Lucky you since beginning of April my gigs are also going downwards. Hardly getting messages from from new clients running with my old clients now. not sure what kind of update Fiverr doing but its kind of hard :sweat_smile: hope everything will be ok soon

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience

how many days does it took for you to get your gigs promotable again?

i faced the same thing, one promoted order was laite ( but i sent a time extend request and buyer accepted , and after that i delever the work) but right after 6 hours , i got the notification that gigs can’t be promoted and gigs goes down

i dont know why because the Laite delevery problem was resolved

however, after 40 days… promoted gig option came back by its own ( and by turning it on gigs back to normal after 2 3 hours )

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suddenly my gig is lost its rank it’s just go in last page also promoting system also stoped😭 i Don’t know why this happened
now what i will do
my best gig lost it’s rank and also promotion system😭