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Fiverr GIG on last page

Hey buddies

babar here
i am level 2 seller having 345+ reviews,before a couple of day my gig was on the page of search result but after that fiverr remove my gig from second page and put it to last page.

Why is is happening with me,i have completed a lot of orders then why fiverr is pushing me??
i have tried everything like change cover images tags,description etc but benefit…

please let me know if anyone help me.

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It is happening to lot of sellers and you are not alone. There seems to be some problem with the search algorithm. Did you cancel order recently or did anything like not responding to a message that could have made the algorithm think you are not worthy to be on the first page?

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Check this out:

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dear my average response time is 1 hr and i just cancelled only 1 order in last 60 days.

thanks a lot this was really helpful for me.

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