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Hi. Can you help me please i am getting this message.
“You can create a maximum of 7 Gigs.”
Thanks in Advance.


That means you can’t create more than 7 gigs


Thank u for replying. why is that option coming? Why can’t i create more than 7 gig?


Because you’re a new seller.

Plus, what’s the use of having a ton of gigs if no one is going to buy from you?


Thank You @somaginer1996 for replying me … I have read the article now. What should I do to get orders?? I am new to fiverr can you help me regarding this matter.?


Check it out

And also

Happy reading!


when a seller have no level they are available with only 7 gigs


Now the time to promote your gig to social media and market your gig. Best of luck


Thank You @jessy455 :slight_smile: I don’t know whether I will be successful or not this is totally new platform to me.


I’m new too. Don’t be afraid. Go ahead.:heart_eyes:


Welcome. Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips and information. Your success will depend on the effort you put in to learn and implement the knowledge you gain here. Only you can do this and it does take time.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

PS. If you check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page you will find all the rules as to how Fiverr works.


Can you please post me the link here for tips??? I will be very thankful… @lloydsolutions :slight_smile:


Here is the link


Thank YOU :smiley: @lloydsolutions


Hi Alina, I would advise to create all seven gigs so you may have a better chance to get customers attention. I would also advise to do some research on Fiverr to better understand the types of services people are looking for you that you can be successful at this.


@ramizeyardsoul I have made all the 7 gigs but still I am Not getting any order :frowning: Lets see what happens next.


Hi Alina, I understand. Remember there are literally thousands of new sellers joining Fiverr each second, and are selling their services super cheap destroying the value of the other buyers who are charging a fair price for quality work. Just true to you and do some research on how to attract buyers. Your first buyer maybe the one that stays with you for as long as your gigs are active.


Thank You @ramizeyardsoul for advice :slight_smile: I will try my best .


Its my pleasure Alina. :slight_smile:


Alina, remember to check your buyers request to see if anyone need the services you offer then try bidding to get the job. :slight_smile: