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Fiverr Gig picture updated

Hello Everone,
I have just updated my gig picture yesterday and still, then my gig is not showing on fiver result/search. Usually, my gig rank is 1 on the 1st page and now I am worried about it as it is not showing anywhere.
Your suggestions for this???


Don’t worry. You will get soon your position. Just spend time with forum and send buyer offer.


Thank you so much for showing your concern. But it was my most selling gig that’s why I am a bit worried as I am finding it nowhere.

As you say its your best selling gig so It should not have changed because gig image is most important for ranking now waiting for again rank

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Yes, but I did not know much about this. I thought that it would be ok if I change my Gig Picture. Well now I am just hoping for the best to rank my gig again as it is showing no where now.

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Give some time maybe it’s rank again
Good Luck.

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