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Why is not show the marking upload work option when I deliver the project and not add the work image in my gig portfolio thought it has a review and rating.
How can I fix it?
The gig has 8 reviews but only one image added why and how can I fixed it.

I need help. Please, someone, help me
Thanks to all


Your buyer decides whether the finished work goes to your portfolio or not. They choose, not you. This buyer has rated and reviewed the order but decided not to show it publicly so it can’t be seen in your portfolio.

There is a feature called Live Portfolio. If you haven’t had it on, your portfolio of completed order wouldn’t show.
You can try to turn this on. It’s on the Gig status page.


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It does not show. how can fix it?

It’s already on. So I think as lenasemenkova said. It’s because clients don’t want to show it on your page.

But why i did now check the live portfolio option is on