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Fiverr gig position switched to last for no reason


Hello, my Fiverr gig used to be on the first page but it changed all of a sudden to the last page for no reason,
My stats are high, level 1 seller with all the vital stats over 90%
The thing is when I search for my gig without login into Fiverr all my gigs in the exception of one gig is on the first page, but when I log in then I search the keywords for the gig it’s on the last page

I know Fiverr algorithm changes gig position but it does not drastically move multiple gigs of one seller to the last page for no reason
I contacted Fiverr customer support and they said am doing well and it’s not my fault or anything on my part

I edited one of my gigs to see if it will come back to the first page but still, it did not.

Am confused I asked a friend of mine to search my gig and it was on the first page, that friend is in the USA. but am in Ghana

Have not gotten orders or messages for 10 days now, which is unusual, feels like they are sabotaging me.

Any help, please?


Fiverr frequently changes the position of gigs on the search page. I don’t know why, and plenty of people are unhappy with it.

Try not to rely too much on people finding your gigs while searching through Fiverr. A more reliable way to bring people in is to make yourself a member of communities or groups where your talents are needed, and then organically advertise there. (For example, I had a very popular Reddit post about voice overs that didn’t start as an ad… so it suited me just fine to drop a link to my gig to anyone asking for more information.)


OK thanks for the suggestion.


Do you really think that someone at Fiverr is looking at your profile and thinking “hey, he got enough money, let’s push him down the list”?

It’s an algorithm. It applies the same rules to everyone. The only sabotage that I see here is counting on a piece of code to give you orders. You are in charge of your business, Fiverr is just a platform to DO your business (not waiting for them to do it for you).

I suggest to start marketing yourself properly, because there is a limit to how many clients an algorithm can give you, and they are not guaranteed. :slight_smile:


And to add to everything said above: last 10 days was a Christmas holidays in a lot of countries. So that might be your answer why you didn’t have any orders.


Thanks I always looked at getting orders from without relying too much in fiverr system. I have tried several methods both free and paid and sharing my gigs on social media. But most people that buy from me tell me they saw my gig on fiverr.


Do you have any suggestions of how I can be in charge and not rely too my on fiverr algorithm?


Here are some quick suggestions that will maximize your exposure:

  1. Use the maximum amount of gigs that you can have. This is the best way to get yourself out there in front of as many people as possible. Not to mention that, with original and high quality descriptions on all of them, you get better SEO traffic.
  2. Use more appealing and original pics for all your gigs. Each gig is a product, a service, and you need to make them as appealing as possible. Right now, the ones you have are too simple and they look like each other.
  3. Send daily 10 buyers request. While it does require some effort, sending buyers request increases your exposure and orders.

If you do these 3 things, I am sure you will increase the numbers of orders you have. :slight_smile:


Well noted. Thanks but buyer request that I see are just not my type of work. Anyways thanks