Fiverr gig price glitch - Need Help


I’ve contacted CS several times but I’m not getting a reply. They said they’ve forwarded my query to technical team after that I didn’t hear from them. It’s been 4 days.

My gig price shows 50$ when you see my gig (best seller) from my profile which is not actual price. When you click the gig, you’ll see actual price.

This is affecting my sales. What should I do now?


Try to edit this again and save. I don’t know it will work or not.


Did like 10 times now all left is wait and watch.


Same things( Showing $5, actual is $25. 7 days no answers from support. As I see that’s mass bug( Hope it will be fixed


Oh I feel relieved that I’m not the only one facing this. Please let me know when they reply. I’ll do the same.


Any word back? Been waiting for CS to fix my profile for a month…


Send a followup message to CS if they don’t reply. I did the same thing and they fixed it.