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Fiverr Gig Problem


After editing my gig. my gig doesn’t show live. when I search my gig by gig tag. I can’t find my gig in any page.


Your gig may not appear in search rankings for a 24-48 hr period after edits are done.


anyone can help us?
i also face same problem.


You should immediately contact customer support in this regard and inform them so that they can help you from their end


48 hours later can I see live my gig??


okay, thank you. I will contact customer support.


Yeah sure! :slight_smile: best of luck!


Customer service does not want to be bothered with such requests. As @loganstover said, it takes 24 to 48 hours to see your gig again. In my experience it takes at least 48 hours. :wink:


Mostly it take 48 hours or 3 days maximum for it to appear again in search when you update gigs :blush: