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Fiverr gig problem?

please look my photo and tell me what problem my gig?
thank you.

Which part exactly you didn’t understand?

It’s explained in the message quite clearly that your gig is under the moderation for approval.


I already 20 day wait. but not approval my gig. my gig age 20 day over…

  1. It says right in the image you’ve attached that it can take 30 days and you’re saying it’s only been 20, so it doesn’t make sense to ask this yet. It said you have to wait 30 days, so wait 30 days.

  2. Why are you asking us why your gig isn’t in search? How would we know that? We’re not customer service. We’re sellers like you are.

  3. If you’re seeking support in one place, don’t also seek it another. Just be patient and follow the instructions.

  4. Please proofread your English before leaving a comment here. I can barely understand you. If we can barely understand you, buyers will have trouble understanding you, too. Communication skills are absolutely vital.

  5. Your gigs are not ethical or professional. You can’t promise followers and you can’t do effective Twitter promotion if you can’t even write English properly in your own gig descriptions. You don’t even say what you would do to make this happen. Promoting something does not guarantee it will get followers and it’s unethical to promise to accomplish things that you can’t possibly know and promise.

  6. Even if you could grow Twitter followers, you’re saying you do it organically when the opposite is true. Buying followers or buying Tweets with the goal of acquiring followers are promotional tactics, not organic. You are lying and deceiving to get sales. I doubt you even know what organic marketing is.

  7. Even if you actually do get an account followers, they aren’t going to be engaged, targeted or human. You can’t buy engagement. Buying followers is unethical and absurd.