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Fiverr Gig Promoting | Within Fiverr | Legal or Not


Most buyers want to stay updated with your new gigs, mostly because they love your past work/experience. I was wondering if it is legal to share a new gig with your past buyers by sending them private messages. Its came to my knowledge that doing this is illegal and may block your account. So if anyone can share thoughts on why its illegal (if it is)



I don’t think it’s illegal. It’s probably annoying, though, and unsolicited pestering could lead to a report. I wouldn’t do it for that reason alone.

yes,its illegal :slight_smile:

From Fiverr’s Terms of Service: “Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them for commercial purposes without their consent.”

It would be considered spam and could be reported.

Well, there you go then! I sometimes get unsolicited “custom offers” that I have to respond to thanks to the whole response % thing. I just say “not interested, please stop or I will report you”. If they re-offer (!) then I report them.

It’s a minor irritant at the end of the day…but it will affect your business.

Oh wow I didn’t know this, thanks for the share. I guess it is when you also get custom offers from persons you don’t know offering their services.

I think it is illegal…

Exactly. If I was seeking someone to work for me, I’d go to buyer requests or look up someone, or go elsewhere with my description of needs. I certainly wouldn’t harrass anyone with my bad English and limited marketing skills (so to speak). I sometimes wonder if these people have ever considered hiring a native English speaker as a VA to handle their marketing. It’s OK to have poor English but be really good at photoshop or something. But if you want to have a global client base, then you really need a professional English presence, imo. If nothing else, it lends credibility.

intresting knowledge.