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Fiverr gig promotion ideas?

It depends on what you are offering, is there a big demand for it. If not, you need to find that firstly. If there is a big demand you need to offer your services cheaper than most just to get people to take a chance on you, If someone has a ton of great feedback, why would someone pick you over them if you are offering your services for the same price?

Once you start getting good feed back you can increase your prices but the most important thing is making sure the work is above what is expected.

Have you thought about offering your services for free just for a day or two, or just for the first few just to get feedback? It’s just a thought but I have tried testing newbies before because they offered a much cheaper service and it got me nowhere so as a rule I only deal with people who have at least some positive feedback.

Hope this helps and good luck.


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