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Fiverr Gig Promotion Is A Bad Idea!

In my point of view, Fiverr Gig Promotion is a bad idea because the real talent will face crises of orders and the client will hire the one who came on top by paying not by talent, So eventually the client’s project will be done unprofessionally because of the newbie (freelancer) who came on top by paying. So In short word, talent will be downgraded by paying.


No, you need to be at least a level 2 seller to use gig promotion.


Check out: Launching Promoted Gigs for how this works.

I was thinking the same but yesterday one of my friend who was recently promoted to level one got the feature to promote his gig. so it is not true to be level to in order to get the feature.

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I have a level one friend who got the paid promotion feature too.

I’m not against this. Not every seller is a social media wiz, but now every level 2 or TRS will be able to let Fiverr promote their gigs for a fee.

Talent won’t be downgraded, the review systems and TOS still applies.

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But that friend is very talented.

Are you saying that you don’t support your “friend” and that he is delivering bad quality?
You are truly a very good friend :thinking:


you want to say a level one seller is newbie? anyway fiverr will always promote sellers offering high quality work and have good rating

Yes, and they should be a level 2 soon! :partying_face:

My friend is delivering outstanding and he does not need to use the feature as he is getting ton of orders everyday. I am saying what if a new seller who just came on fiverr and does not know anything about the project, yet by paying he will be promoted to the top downing the TRS and talented seller gigs.

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I don’t think you should be worried if you are delivering great quality work. Quality is always visible and buyers will always search for people they like not Buying only because they are on the first page.


Absolutely right! :expressionless:

You’re absolutely right!