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Fiverr gig promotion is a death to professional sellers

I am a level 2 seller and have been working on fiverr since 2005. I have had many projects completed and more than 800 positive reviews on my profile. For the las couple of months, I have only got a very few orders and it seems as if the buyers are not interested any more in fiverr or if the market is shifted at once to the new group of sellers. What really is annoying is the new feature thats called “Promoted Gigs”. What it really does is that, it promotes gigs for sellers who actually pays fiverr back what they earn in the name of marketing. This feature does’t care if you have positive reviews, or how much revenue you were generating for fiverr. What fiverr now cares is to promote the seller who pays back fiverr for marketing. Its like fiverr wont let sellers earn a penny and charge after charging 20% commission already. This is a death for the sellers. Every freelance company sinks one day and another market takes its place because of the hardships and rules they make to profit themselves and not the actual people who are earning for them.

I would request fiverr to think about this and change the algorithm to what it was before.
What do you think?


If you can’t make sales because you rank lower in a category page there is something fundamentally flawed eith your business.

You can’t blame Fiverr for the supply for what you are selling far exceeding the demand.

They aren’t going to opt out of advertising revenue to help people sell things for which supply exceeds demand.

Research your competition here and sell something that isn’t being sold by dozens of thousands of people.

This is a business. They’re going to do what’s right for the business, not what’s right for you. This isn’t a charity and they don’t owe you a shot at sales.


I suspect you are one of 10s of thousands of sellers thinking the same.

But Fiverr is a business. It can do what it wants. If it wants to charge to promote gigs, it can.

By the way, Fiverr didn’t launch until 2010.



If it’s any consolation, OP, I’ve seen multiple comments from established sellers who tried the Promoted Gigs feature and it either didn’t work for them at all or it has made things worse in terms of sales. Which is something I personally was surprised by. If the people who pay for promotions don’t get the sales, someone else has to. Assuming that extra exposure is the main factor in getting sales on fiverr and nothing else comes close to it.


As a Seller I want to be offered this feature.

As a Buyer I ignore the promoted gigs. I don’t really know why, I just trust them less for some reason.

I appreciate this does not make sense!


Fiverr platform was launched in 2010 dude.



All the “Promoted Gigs” feature is, is Fiverr’s spin on PPC marketing.

It is quite effective.

Plus, you do have to meet certain eligibility requirements before you can promote a Gig (as opposed to what you seem to think that anyone can use it).

I used it for one of my Gigs for a week.

My impressions shot through the roof and I did get some work.

If you don’t want to participate, that’s your choice.

But I will tell anyone who asks that the Promoted Gigs feature may just change the fortunes of some Fiverr freelancers.


Fiverr already setup rules for becoming available on this feature as well. As I can remember we should have at least 30 + reviews in-order to select on this category and still they have lunched this feature in some categories. Hopefully they will soon scale up to other categories too.

Everything is in the forum, make sure to surf it like a whale! :smiley:


I think you have a typing error as you started here in 2015.

I tried the promoted gigs feature and I did not like it. However, usually my orders are $30 or less. Sellers who have larger average orders seem to like the feature.


Usually people who are worried about new “perks”, features etc are people who don’t know how to scale their business.
If you are solely relying on fiverr algorithm then of course it will feel unfair for you that someone else is earning money on it :woman_shrugging: It’s not a socialist platform, everyone is trying to monetise what they can including sellers, buyers and fiverr itself.


It should be 2015 perhaps. isnt it?


I understand you just replied after seeing my profile . It is not about me . Its about the top rated and level 2 sellers facing their gigs vanished over night and over nothing . You think its about me well its about OP only who has been on this platform since 2015. I might be the next victim of this so called GOD “Algorithm”

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Its like fiverr is trying to tell us do’nt rely on me , take me as a part time job , i can throw your gig back within one moment and ranking does not mean anything on this platform . On the other hand my friends have established studios worth more than any one can imagine to earn from this platform . Thats all because of this so called Algorithm , no credibility nothing … Now everyone will say run away and join ******* well i would have done that long time a go if i was not a Product animator . It has no scope on ******* . IT is what it is.

Yes. Sorry. My mistake. Its 2015 not 2005.


Sorry guys. My mistake. The year I mentioned is 2005. It’s 2o15. Apologies.


All the online platforms have their pros and cons.

For me the benefit of Fiverr is that it delivers a lot of buyers. But the downside is definitely the fickle way in which gigs are promoted - one moment you can be highly visible, the next nearly invisible. I have been here for nearly eight years and there are definite cycles of busy and quiet times.

During quiet times I might not have an order for an entire week, at busy times I might have a dozen orders in one week. Because I offer a three day turnaround, I can cope with multiple orders - but this cycle of busy vs quiet is something that is difficult to manage longterm, as we all have life to deal with.

However, as sellers we’re not going to change anything. We either accept the way that Fiverr works, or we don’t. I choose to accept it.


How do you know which are promoted ones? I have not seen one promoted gig.


It can be easy to miss and I don’t think all categories have it. It says ‘Ad by…’ before the username. The only thing it does is make the seller thumbnail appear at the top of the first page as far as I’m aware. I had to filter to level 2 to find the below example.



Nope, nothing. I see this for the first time ever.

I just checked website content, selected new seller, level 1 2 I do not have this Ad by…
I went incognito and still nothing.

To me all is “I will.” and name no Ad by.


I don’t always see them.

Fiver will be A/B testing the ads it shows like they A/B test everything else. Just another element to the algo we all know and love :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ll end up seeing some at some point.