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Fiverr gig public problem

I used to gig public on subcategory real estate in business category without Fiverr skill test, but now I can’t gig public on subcategory real estate.


It looks like ‘real estate’ has been moved to the Industry main category, in which case it’s nothing you did, but Fiverr rearranging.


So can’t I make gig public on any sub-category of business category without skill test?

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Which test does it want you to take?

Fiverr English test.

Not sure why real estate requires the English test, but if you can’t access it from within the gig itself, you can try taking it from your profile page.

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I couldn’t finish the basic English test that I was asked to take when I went to make the gig public due to a sudden internet problem.
So, I clicked on the skill test option from my profile and took theFiverr English test and passed with eight points out of ten points. But still I can’t gig public on the business category as before.

You try to publish your gig by analyzing a few gigs in this category

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You may have to change the main category to Industry, since ‘Real Estate’ is no longer in the Business category

Not working this process

Can you provide a few screenshots? Your Gigs page, the first page of the gig itself, the one that prevents you from continuing, and the message you got when it was removed?

If it’s all not working, you may have to start over and make the gig again.

Oh, you’re on mobile. Have you tried from a desktop?

Yes,I have tried from desktop but not public gig on business category without us basic English test,but retake test is not working

Just to let you know, the word you’re using, ‘public’, is incorrect. The word you want is ‘publish’.

Like I said, you may have to start over, and create the gig from the beginning.

There has been such a problem before so I try to make the gig public again but the problem is not being solved.

Only thing left to try is another browser, and/or clearing your cookies/cache. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact Customer Support.

(Again: it’s ‘publish’, not ‘public’. You’re trying to ‘publish’ your gig.)

Ok, thank you so much for helping me.
Skill test is not required to make gig public on any sub-categories of business category.