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Fiverr gig purchase

  • Can i use Payoneer for gig purchase?

If this Payoneer linked up with my fiverr seller account if then i will use the same Payoneer with my another buyer account for gig purchase purposes.

  • Then can i get any issue for this?
  • Is this count i have multiple account to use and get id disabled if i use different device for different account?
  • What’s the fiverr terms and conditions?

Please let me know.
Thank you.


Are you suggesting you want to use your “other” Fiverr account (your buyer account) to buy your own Gigs?
You are only supposed to have ONE Fiverr account. Not a separate buyer and seller account. You will notice when you are on your dashboard in the upper right hand corner, there is a link to “switch to buying mode”, therefore, there is no need for 2 accounts.

Why not go READ the TOS?



plz read fiverr TOS there u can get ur answer.

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Two accounts = getting banned.

If you were thinking of buying your own gig to appear busy & like a total 5-Star guy, I think you would only be proving the opposite.

I had a friend offer to send me another review under one of his other working names. While flattered he wants to help, I declined.



i didn’t mentioned i purchase my own gig. btw i got sense. thank you.

thank you saifur vhai

i need some gig for my office work what are not im skilled in.

Still, you don’t need two accounts for that.

Unless of course, they are embarrassing purchases for your Seller identity like the kid claiming to turn your tune into 8-Bit music for $5 who wanted me to do his work for him seeing he couldn’t actually do what his gig is about but I can!



its okay now. thank you.

Well, if you have “sense” as you say you do, you would already know by reading the TOS that you cannot have 2 accounts.

Carry on.



It still doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to violate the rules by having more than one account.


Yes thank you for your words GG!!