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Fiverr GIG rank Globally (Different countries)

Hello Freelancers,

I am new to Fiverr and I’m really enjoying working in such an awesome marketplace. But I have a few couples of questions regarding the gig rankings!
I really want to hear from an experienced freelancer who knows about GIG rankings very well.

My questions is that- Is my GIG ranks globally on the same page?
For example- If at a particular instance I searched in India and My GIG was on no. 4, Then all my Gig is globally on No.4?

Thanks for your precious time, waiting for your valuable feedback in replies.

Ranking is random, you are never offered the same spot, the algorithm is very dynamic. So the country doesn’t really matter.

Everyone sees the search results differently because fiverr platform uses cookies to simplify user experience.

Thanks @donnovan86 for your valuable feedback.

Thanks @cherboub for your precious information. So blessed to see your reply.