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How can i first page my fiverr gig? I will try it always but not showing my gig fiverr page. i hope i get help senior freelancer.


Hi Zakir,

It’s important to ensure that your gig description is precise. Also keep your tags relevant, this will allow you to target the audience that is looking to purchase a gig like yours.

A good way of getting clicks and raising impressions is social media.

Your gig will start ranking even better once you make some sales and start getting reviews.

Hope this helps.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


share your gig social media


Share your gig in social media

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I just Check your account Your gig is very excited But tag is not compatible with your category
Check here:


So Please First Improve It. gather some expected tags about your category, you can check the rank gigs in there and collect some tag from them.

  • Share your gigs on social websites more then 20 not for getting client getting click, view and more.
  • Use forum regularly only for gather some experience from different people which share his/her experience here daily Not for anything else use can’t get anything here like buyer, rank…
  • As possible at first time on fiverr Be active with the above point which I explained, More than 16+ hours.

The Succes is waiting For you Never Miss it I’m even keeping hope from you Don’t broken me.

Cheer You!


Target a keyword that you want to rank and then use this keyword in gig title description and also in keyword section. This might help you and also do social marketing for your gig.

Unfortunately you can’t rank your gig in the first page. There is not a method for this.

Nothing said above is true. If it was ture, all these who mentioned such tips would be on first page, right?

Fiverr use a rotation method to rank the gigs. There is no way to manipulate this except for luck.


I think You can’t rank you gig on the first page of the fiverr, For other Who can Rank on first Page.

Then What is this in the above images if some one can’t rank I know the fiverr algorithms is about rotation but not rotate the last page and first gig. If anyone improve his/her keyword,tag,descrition they do get his/her gig on the first and the old gig’s push down basically rotating is Like that. In the below image is not new gigs it’s even useful gig but Why on page 10.

because the category is not suitable for the tags which is in search. If you update your gig you will get in the first Page!.

The tags are only used by fiverr develop team to classify each gig (this is stated by fiverr customer support itself)…

I’m over 4 years at fiverr. Also about 2-3 years discussing with fiverr customer support about ranks and etc.

There is no way to manipulate/rank your gig to the first page.

The only way is doing a good job and getting good reviews. With time your gig will get a better placement but it doesn’t mean it will be on first page.

BY the way, if you see, you wrote HTML ISSUE. It’s showing first those gigs who more fit with the text searched. If you see, first page gigs title are more close with HTML ISSUE than the titles of the gigs on the 10th page

I totally recommend people to stop sending false tips on forum. Also I do recommend to visit the user pages who gives such information. Do not follow any suggestion.

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Hi @gabrzm i have a question for you does getting views from social media also imporves ranking in search engine of fiverr?

Thanks you gabrzm. i will try improve my gig.

Thanks you so much dev_sal. i will try to improve my gig.